Well its a bit too late but people: http://www.eclipsezone.com/eclipse/forums/t54318.html are starting to realize that Java shouldn’t “me too” to the stupidity of C#.

I wrote about this quite a bit in my old blog so I won’t go on too much but the bottom line is clear: People ruined C++. We always blame the “commity” but that commity had people sending them requests for this and that and a commity can’t resist such pressure. Sun (and mister Gosling) did a great job up until people like Joshua Bloch got control of the language and moved it to bad places.

Enough is enough. Bloch is at google now (hurting their business also I’m sure) and there is no reason for this foolishness to continue, after all the great majority of us chose Java because it was small in syntax (not in API) the API is where complexity and features should go. C# is already more complicated and messy than C++ and when you look at a block of C# code you can’t be 100% sure what it does.

Here is what I wrote about this a while back: http://jroller.com/page/vprise/?anchor=joshua_bloch_leaves_sun_good